30+ Zoom Icebreakers for your next work meeting 2023 update

Another team member might reveal a bag of MnMs since they eat chocolate every day. Personalities, hobbies, and more will come to light and forge new friendships. Ask everyone to turn on their mics or answer in chat when you call out a space that applies to them. Everyone can submit their answers with a web form or in the chat while you’re discussing the potential within each team member. Your team members might attend trivia night in their hometowns or play it with their families. Get everyone to mention a topic they could excel at in a trivia contest.

The leader will then ask the participants to pretend to be the chosen animal by imitating the chosen animal’s sound. If the players are unfamiliar with the animal’s sounds, then they may use gestures to describe the animals. Would You Rather is a creative way to discover team members’ interests and values. The game is suitable for students and teams in all professions. Alternatively, participants may make up their own questions or use a generator to create prompts. Icebreaker questions allow your team to interact better and are particularly helpful to new and shy members.

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” Pay attention to their tone of voice and facial expressions; if that person is uncomfortable, thank them for trying and move on to the next. One of the quickest icebreakers I’ve ever run, Shake down is as simple and effective as they come and it has the bonus of encouraging physical activity among your virtual https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ team! Begin by asking the group to stand if they’re able and then shake each of their limbs eight times in turn. After shaking both arms and legs, then repeat the cycle for four shakes, two shakes, then a final shake with a ninja kick or big cheer. Start by sharing a list of items, some obvious and some less so.

  • Whether they get on the mic to say it or type it in the chat, the humor will still loosen everyone up and showcase their personalities.
  • Nominate the next person to make a statement and continue until everyone has had a chance to make a statement.
  • Most video conferencing software allows users to change their background pictures to different photos.
  • If you really want to make it fun, ask people to share a show or movie they like but feel a little embarrassed about.

Not only will this be fun, but will also give your colleagues a chance to get to know you better. This one’s an extension of the show me your Work From Home setup activity. One person writes down 3 statements about themselves, https://remotemode.net/ with two statements being the truth and one being the lie. Ask everyone to use Gallery View on Zoom to see each other’s window in one view. Next, start a game of I Spy by naming an object that you see in someone’s frame.

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This playful method creates a powerful shared picture of the feelings in the group. Checking-in is a simple way for a team to start a meeting, workshop, or activity. By using the metaphor of a rollercoaster this alternative version supports participants to think differently about how they are feeling.

funny icebreakers for virtual meetings

Spice up your virtual meetings and team bonding sessions with This or That – the AI-powered question generator that makes games easy and fun! Simply adjust how fun and difficult you want the questions to be and enter a theme, then watch as creative, hilarious, and thought-provoking This or That pairs are generated. If you have a certain theme or purpose for icebreakers, add it to create a more tailored set of questions. Connecting while remaining physically apart can be difficult, so adding a few virtual icebreaker activities is a must! With that in mind, here are 13 fun ideas to help break the ice and get everyone connected.

Bonus: The Props Icebreaker

Think of it as a chameleon slide; it can fit any type of meeting. Friends, soulmates, and enemies is basically the family version of kiss, marry, and kill. Each round, each player says three characters (famous people), and other players must label each figure as a friend, a soulmate, or an enemy. This game is mostly about sharing what each member of the group went through – in terms of work – during the week. Reading backward, beatboxing, laughing while having a straight face, dolphin sounds, eyebrow dance, etcThere are so many fun and unusual talents you might never have guessed someone did.


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